Test Route Videos

Over the past couple of years I have made videos of all the Driving Test Routes in Watford, which all include a mini-video of me in the corner, describing what I’m doing and explaining the route. You can view short versions of the videos on my YouTube channel here (opens in a new tab), or you can buy the full versions by clicking the button below.

Here are some of the great things you have said about my videos:

OMG….I love your videos, they are so useful and with plenty explanations… I wish you were my driving instructor..i have examination in 2 weeks and i’m quite anxious… so many tips i learned from you that my current driving instructor never gave me….you are a jewel… i’ve watched your videos on Watford like 3 times each …well done and keep up with the good work
Passed at Watford first time today! These videos were a huge help, thank you!
Thank you so much for your videos. They are all very useful. I watched all routes in Watford and today I passed my test. Thank you!!
Your videos are amazing!

Buy full versions of my Watford Driving Test Route videos here